Treaty of Paris

Students examine maps and images to complete the timeline of the American Revolution.

Lesson Objective

Analyze issues by stating the issue, identifying and summarizing viewpoints, and drawing conclusions based on evidence.



  1. Begin by showing first slide of Treaty of Paris painting by Benjamin West.
  2. Have students state their “I see….” statements.
  3. Ask students if they recognize any familiar faces in the painting.
  4. Students can begin inferring why the painting is not finished.
  5. Discuss the term “treaty”.
  6. Go into the discussion of what the US gained from the Treaty of Paris.
  7. Show map of 1783 to students and discuss the territories that the US gained as a result of the treaty.
  8. Hand out the graphic organizer and have students fill out as the 9 articles in Treaty of Paris are discussed.
  9. As a follow up to think about, ask students the Native American question about whether they were winners or losers in the treaty.


Students will be asked to complete an exit card:
Who were the winners and losers in the Treaty of Paris?


“Treaty of Paris.” The Library of Congress: Web Guides. (accessed July 26, 2012).

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